Vacation Rental Owners

Do you own or manage a vacation rental? Click on the appropriate button below to sign up to partner with New England Watersports Mutually Beneficial Business Program.  Help your customers enhance their vacation experience. 

If you own or manage a vacation rental, New England Watersports provides the following benefits:

  • We deliver single & tandem kayaks and SUPs directly to your waterfront property for free so you don't need to buy additional equipment for your customers.

  • If your property is not does not have a waterfront, you can still partner with us by sharing our information with your customers who can then visit us in Stony Creek and paddle around the beautiful Thimble Islands.

  • Every time your customers book with us, we will share a portion of the revenue with you, thus increasing your own revenue.

  • Your customers will receive an exclusive discount with us for booking with you.

So whether you own a waterfront rental property or an inland vacation rental, partnering with New England Watersports can help you increase your overall revenue at literally no cost to you whatsoever.

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